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 ليفيان فيرنال تفتيح المنطقة الحساسة والحميمة

Levian Vernal cream to whitening sensitive areas

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طرق الدفع

It works to lighten sensitive areas, the bikini area and under arms. The package contains cream and soap that are used together

The first skincare product specifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation in sensitive and intimate areas. It helps reduce the appearance of dark spots in areas of friction and prevents their appearance. Soothes and reduces color differences in sensitive and intimate areas. Opens and unifies the skin with lasting results. Moisturizes for 8 hours. Leaves the skin soft and comfortable thanks to its rich and soft texture. It can be used in external intimate areas. - It can be used directly after hair removal . Waxing or shaving

Usage: Use the cream twice a day and use the attached soap 3 times a week

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