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يه سي ام فيتيكس جل البهاق

ACM Vitix Regulating Gel 50ml

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طرق الدفع

ACM Vitex Gel 50 ml

Gel suitable for all skin types that suffer from vitiligo, even sensitive skin.

It clearly supports the production of melanin in areas suffering from vitiligo. It also protects the skin from the causes of vitiligo by protecting and treating skin damaged by aging and environmental factors that cause stress to the skin.

Propylene Glycol: Deeply moisturizes the skin, prevents water loss and gives you soft, healthy skin.

Product Benefits:
• You will not suffer from any side effects.
• It has a liquid consistency and is easy to use.
• Non-greasy.
• Fast absorption.

How to use:

Apply the gel to the affected area and around the area once to twice daily.

After the gel is completely absorbed, use your care cream or apply makeup.

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