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levian dead sea mud soap
صابونة ليفيان أملاح البحر الميت

Levian Dead Sea Salt Soap

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طرق الدفع

Levian Dead Sea Salt Soap works to deeply cleanse the skin and therefore helps rid the pores of fat and dirt deposited in them. It also helps to get rid of blackheads and facial pimples and is very suitable for oily skin and for treating acne.
Helps give you healthy looking skin.
Replenishes lost nutrients and enhances skin hydration.
Restores the natural balance of the skin.
Helps stimulate blood flow to the face.
Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and olive oil, which are necessary to nourish and restore radiance to the skin.
It helps in light skin exfoliation and removing dead skin. That's why it's a freshness soap

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