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ايه سي ام ديبي وايت اس spf50+ للحماية من الشمس شفاف

ACM Dépiwhite.S Whitening Photo-Protector Skincare SPF50 50ml

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طرق الدفع

This cream provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays, for skin with localized or diffuse brown spots. Daily anti-brown spots care product. water resistant. Doesn't leave any white marks.
Sunscreen cream with a very high degree of protection for the face, décolletage and hands; It can also be used before and after skin care to protect delicate skin.
This cream provides protection from UVA and UVB rays for skin with localized or extensive brown spots.
Thanks to a combination of organic and mineral filters, DEPIWHITE S SPF 50+ provides maximum protection over the entire UVA / UVB spectrum.

This care product also has a complementary depigmentation action thanks to a complex of plant actives that limit excessive melanin production and reduce brown spots, or limit their reappearance.
Its texture is light and fluid and contains no perfume, it is invisible once applied and waterproof, providing optimal protection.
Skin type: prone to brown spots

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